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Change the way you do business using technologies
Products and Solutions
  • Web domain registration
  • Web hosting
  • Web design & development
  • iOS & Android mobile apps
  • Digital marketing
  • Digital signature
  • Document management
  • Live streaming
Targeted Customers
  • Business service firms
  • Distributors & marketers
  • Education & training
  • Import/exporters
  • Logistic/courier firms
  • Manufactures
  • Retail & wholesale
  • Property builders
Business Challenges

We focus on small and medium business firms and startups to help embrace a new information technology, change a business process, integrate with key business partners, digitiz various business functions such as marketing, billing, staff payroll, taxation etc

Do you want to transform your business more efficient, reduce cost and generate more revenue?

If you answer is "yes", select our one of the services below

  • IT consulting : Our expert technical consultants analyse & investigate your requirements and advice you to choose best technologies

  • Buy software products : We will help you automate your existing costly manual intensive business process and services by purchasing new software products such as accounting, billing, ERP, CRM, payrol etc

  • Custom software development : If none of the existing products meet your requirements, we will develop both cloud and desktop based custom software and iOS/android mobile apps

  • Idea to launch : If you have great software product ideas and looking for a product development partner, we can help you to develop prototypes and products
Benefits of using technology products & solutions

In today’s volatile world of technology, the requirement of appropriate technologies suited for the specific business needs, is the primary requirement to keep ahead in the competitive race.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP), accounting, billing, document management softwares, mobile apps etc
Reduced cost of operation and saving of precious time in the business by turning your office a paperless office
Customer relationship management (CRM) software, online shopping cart and payment gateway, mobile apps etc
Uninterrupted, fast and efficient communication and engagement with prospective customers starting from lead generation through follow-ups, quotation generation, sales order to payment processing
Customer relationship management (CRM), Toll Free Number, VOIPs calls etc
Better customer satisfaction by efficient after sale customer support and feedback system
Online marketing, branding, advertisement and networking
Wider reach of customer base through new innovative marketing channels and more business
Prescriptive and predictive data analysis
Sales growth by understanding current and past customer purchase pattern and predicting the future sale behavior
Virtual office, shopping cart, websites etc
Reduced overheads and high return on investment
Inventory software, barcode, RFID tags etc
Efficient inventory management & preventing loss and thefts by faster and accurate identification, tracking and payment processing